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LET'S PLAY THE WALKING DEAD PART TWO: I want to know more about Chet.

We hear the girl's voice coming from the kitchen. There's no girl there. Huh. Okay so we have to check the drawers because the voice was coming from there.

Walkie talkie? Walkie talkie. Weird place to put it right. The drawer closest to the fridge has what we're looking for.

We start talking to the girl. The game gives us discussion topics, and we have to go through all of them.

It's our Clementine.

Clementine: An 8 year old girl in the first grade. And the damn cutest kid on the planet. How can you NOT love Clementine. She sports a baseball cap that her dad gave her. She represents the good remaining in our torn up world we live in. Pure as white and gooder than good.

We introduce ourselves and we learn that she's okay, been in hiding on her own for days. Brave, brave kid. Smart kid. (Liz loves Clementine, can you tell?) She was even hiding in the treehouse where the walkers can't get her. Her parents took a trip to Savannah (well, we could guess what happened but we don't tell her). Wait, where's Sandra then? Once we wave to Clementine in the treehouse, she alerts us to a thing behind us. Sure looks like a young adult woman. And there's our Sandra. But she's not with us anymore.

We try to fend her off and we stupidly auto slip on the blood on the kitchen floor. Get used to being in situations like this, especially ones where Lee hits his head and thins get distorted and fuzzy. Those happen a lot. We're timed to action here as well and we fend her off until we get to the sliding glass door where Clementine now shows up with a hammer. Our savior. We take it and we smash her brains in a few times.

Now we can meet Clem face to face. She asks us if we killed it.

We tell her something else did. Which is true since Clem says she heard screams a couple days ago.

Now that we found Clem, we can't leave her alone. We need to find help. Clem is feeling odd about leaving home in case her parents come back, but we have to convince her it's not safe and we need to get moving. Of course, without telling her her parents might be dead.

We need to move in the daylight. It's even less safe at night.

So we head out. We go through the yard to the gate out to get to the front lawn. We see two guys fumbling with moving a car to get to theirs.

Clem shows more discomfort leaving home with her parents not home.

We tell her we won't leave her alone here.

After a few more lines of dialogue, we convince her to come with us and see what those guys are up to.

We mingle to learn that their names are Shawn Greene and Chet. Walking Dead fans might recognize the Greene family name. We'll get to that in a bit. And his big doofus friend, Chet. Who I thought acted like nothing was serious. His momma's gonna be so mad if he comes home late...! He's kinda fun.

They're kind enough to give us a lift out.

People start thinking through this chapter if we're Clementine's dad. We're not. We straight up tell Shawn we're just some guy who found her. Since that seems the most truthful.

We go into another quick event as walkers close in, so we work together to get the car out. And we're off!

We go to night and we end up in a farm. And look who it is! It's Hershel Greene! Good old ignorant, old timey Hershel Greene (and a Walking Dead semi known character). We talk to Hershel and Shawn. Shawn tells him what we told him about being some guy looking after Clem.And we tell him we need a place to stay, even just for a night. Hershel agrees and asks Clem if she knew Lee. She fibs and says yes. In the midst of this meeting, Chet heads off into the night and goes home (IT'S HOT DISH NIGHT AFTER ALL).

Bye sweet Chet. We hardly knew yeh. No really. We did.

Hershel is kind enough to look at our leg, which is screwed up now. He bandages it up while he asks us questions. Seems like he's being iffy about who were are.

When he asks us questions, we tell him the truth. We're all honest guys here. We tell him especially we were even getting a lift by a cop earlier.

We tell him the truth and he believes us.

Our leg gets finished and Shawn comes out to fortify the place with a gate.

We agree with Shawn here about that since Hershel seems ignorant about what is actually happening.

He tells us there's actually another family here of three and that we can sleep in the barn.

We do.

We sleep in the smelly barn. Clem noticed it smells.

No swearing in front of Clem. We tell her it's manure. Horse poop.

She then tells us she misses her parents. We know you do, sweetpea. But for now, he have to rest. Lee has one final nightmare. I assumed it was reminiscing about his wife. I...think?

Until the morning.


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