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LET'S PLAY THE WALKING DEAD PART ONE: A convict and a tiny girl in the zombie apocalypse.

First. Part.

Let's start our adventure in a car. A police car.

Sounds nice already.

We meet Lee. Cuffed. He's been bad.

Lee Everett: A 37 year old African American who was a professor for history at UGA, University of Georgia. Grew up in a town called Macon in Georgia and generally a history nut. Convicted of murdering a senator for sleeping with his wife on accident as he got in a fight. But. He's not a bad guy at all. He's the example of how a crime doesn't define you as a person. Even if it is murder.

He's being quiet and the cop driving us says he "reckon we didn't do it then". Well we. Did do it. But.

This when the mechanics are introduced. Typically, we move our protagonist with the left analog stick (yes, I am using the PS3, so I only know those controls) and we move the cursor with the right. This game is point and click. To interact with things and examine stuff we usually use the left buttons (triangle and such). This is used through the whole game. Here we obviously can't move, so we only worry about the right to direct us around. We use the buttons when talking to people to select what we want to say. The sound of silence is usually offered and is usually an accepted answer. But I don't make a habit of using it.

Why do you say that, says Lee.

He blabs on about useless stuff. The game allows us to look around and occasionally we see a number of police cars drive by. Weird. Soon, we even see a helicopter and cops talking about a situation (which the cop driving us stupidly ignores). Weirder.

He's kind of a dick, this cop. Goes on to saying how Lee married the wrong woman.

We wanna say she married the wrong guy. But Lee shuts his yap.

He even goes on to tell us the story of an obvious red handed freak. Lee is interested into this. Sounds like people are. Weird.

He goes to tell us another story, seeing how we're sane when we notice a thing crossing the street. Person, right? All options here mostly lead to:


Too late, we get into a rolling car accident and land in the woods. Super.

Lee starts blacking out. But before he does, we get hazy glimpses of a commotion outside the wrecked car. Cop sounded like he got out. But there's screaming and...gunshots.

We finally wake up to see that we're alive. And everything is good sans a now screwed up leg.

We're trapped. But we could look outside to see that there's a shotgun on the ground and.


The cop is motionless on the forest ground. Trail of blood.

Calling out does shit.

So now the game lets us move. We need to scramble to find a way out the car. And we do by busting the window.

Lee is limping but moving as we now get to examine what happened after we move around the car.

One problem though, still cuffed. Dead cop must have the keys. No chance, we are escaping. Lee feels bad about the cop though.

You can examine the gun but he'll put it down. HOWEVER, you can pick up the shotgun shell.

Examining the cop lets you take the cuff keys. He'll scramble to get the first off then he drops it.

Ah. Ahhhh. Phew. It lands in front of the dead cop's face thinking the worst would happen. Not yet.

Second time does the trick and the cuff is out.

But the cop doesn't want you to-

Alright alright, I won't beat around the bush. He comes back at us as a zombie and tries to eat us.

We're now crab walking and Lee goes backwards away from the cop until our back is against the car.

Lee knows what to do. He grabs the shotgun (or WE grab it). He doesn't want to do it, but he will. He will auto fumble with the shell but he'll drop it.

Note: When the screen goes orange-y, that means you have a time limit to react and react right or you'll die.

It's doing that here for example. Quickly grab the bullet again and shoot his brains out, literally. Well, we escaped that.

Now what. There's a figure that shows up in the distance.

Examining it would mean Lee would call out saying there's been a shooting. That we did. The figure will run off leaving us alone.

We hear rustling from the bushes and we could move the cursor to see that now there are tons of zombies coming out now.

Fine. I'll call them "walkers".

Lee makes himself get up and pathetically run with his bad leg on auto, so we just watch him as he does so and climbs a fence to get into a suburban neighborhood area that seems like it's abandoned now with cars everywhere in the street like shit went down here too.

The walkers bang on the fence until we hear gunshots in the distance and then they're drawn away. What now? We look around. We seem to be in the backyard as there's a tree with a treehouse and a tire swing. Plus a cute tea set. Classy Lee wants to put bourbon in the tea cups...okay.

We can move to the back deck and see that there's a screendoor. You can only open it after you examine it first and have Lee knock and yell for help.

He'll cautiously and politely open it to enter the house that looks like it's seen better days. Furniture screwed up and a blood splatter in the kitchen. Uh-oh. Lee says maybe these people might need help MORE.

There's a unicorn coloring book on a table. Oh there's a kid here, oh no. Don't worry, this kid is okay. We don't know that yet.

There's also an answering machine next to a photo of a family, mom and dad. And a small girl.

You have to click on the answering machine. Three messages. They are directed to a girl named "Sandra". Who is a babysitter watching over a "Clementine". The couple was in Savannah and the mom is talking. The dad got bit and seems calm, "Oh we're just getting it checked out".

We know the drill. This is not okay.

The next message has the wife a lot more worried. Saying that Sandra needs to get Clementine safe and go to someone else's place.

Third is the tragic message, the wife is in tears and is talking to Clementine. Saying she loves her...

...We all, even Lee, can make the conclusion of what happened.

We hear a little girl's voice.


So, uh. Whatcha guys think so far?

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