Jan. 5th, 2013

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Yup. That's right.

Finally have some use for this old journal.

I'm doing a a text based Let's Play. Why? Because.

What's the game?

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That's right. This little gem. It won Spike TV's "Game of the Year 2012". Telltale won "Best Game Developer of the Year". It's well written. Well planned out. Good fleshed out characters whether you love them or hate them. I love this game. This is my second playthrough and I wanna share the good experience with you all.

That said, it comes without question this will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS. I strongly encourage anyone who owns a PS3, Xbox 360, or a Steam account to play it first. Console owners can buy a brand new copy on retail now for a bargain price of 30$. But if you're here to get spoiled and you don't care, hey man it's cool by me.

Just saying you guys should play it. It's pretty great.


I will sit in front of my TV with a notebook to try to recollect stuff and write it down. I'll do my best to describe the game technically through the text. I won't blame you if you get confused, text LP's seem a bit hard to do it to me. But let me know if you want me to change it up. This is my first time doing this ever and I wanna entertain and teach people the game.

The game is focused not on action, but by the decisions you make as a player and what you interact with. It will be hard to get every conversation covered since it's talky heavy. So I'll mainly just do my best to talk about what's really important or what I think might be noteworthy so you can get what's going on and how character's are feeling. I WILL DO MY BEST.

Crucial decisions you make will be in bold text like this.

Again, this will be an adventure for me. Critique is welcomed if you are actually interested into reading this.

Tell me your thoughts! I have the little footnotes for Episode One right now and will work on the first part shortly!


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